AK Sportpromotions represents Fiona Mangan

At AK Sportpromotions we are happy to tell that for a while now we are representing Irish cyclist Fiona Mangan. The 28-years-old rider is relatively new in cycling, starting her career only in 2020. Since then she has made steps up in a fast pace. Mangan proved to handle her spot in the peloton well and has been able to secure some nice results. She this season for example finished 8th in the Spanish one-day race Clasica de Almeria.

“I know Fiona already for a while, as we have been in touch longer. Since the beginning of this year we are working together, as it was a good moment to get started then”, AK Sportpromotions owner Aschwin Kruders says. “Fiona already has a lot of experience in working life as a biomedical engineer and brings that also to her cycling career. She is very mature in all she does, which makes that she is also able to make steps forward in cycling fast as well. I think she improved a lot in the only two full seasons she so far has been able to race and I believe she will be able to improve a lot more.”

You can follow Fiona on Instagram.

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