AK Sportpromotions welcomes Jenaya Francis

Canadian cyclist Jenaya Francis has joined AK Sportpromotions, letting the agency represent her during her cycling career in the aim to turn professional and go after a successful career. The 19-years-old rider is racing for the Dutch Watersley R&D Road Team, that helps to develop talents from all over the world. In 2023 Francis already showed her talent, with a stable season in only her first year in the U23 and elite women peloton. This season she again stopped up, with several top-10 classifications.

AK Sportpromotions owner Aschwin Kruders: “Jenaya impressed me with the vision that she has regarding her own cycling career. She for example chose to come to Europe early in her career, to make sure she got the skills of racing in the bigger pelotons relatively from the start. And she has shown she has talent for both climbing and the classic races. Besides that I like it that she is a rider who isn’t afraid to attack, even if it brings the risk of losing some spots with it, knowing that it on the other hand can also bring success.”

Frances this season already finished second in a stage of the Redlands Classic, where she ended sixth in the general classification. In Europe she got a sixth and seventh place in stages of the Czech stage race Gracia Orlova. Also her nineteenth place in the hilly Dutch classics race Volta NXT Classic showed her potential. Together with her team mate Karlijn Koops, who we also just announced as one of our new riders, she will start in the Tour de Feminin this week.

You can follow Jenaya on Instagram.

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