Dutch talent Karlijn Koops also joins AK Sportpromotions

AK Sportpromotions are happy to welcome Karlijn Koops to their agency. The 20-years-old cyclist from the Netherlands is racing for the Dutch Watersley R&D Road Team and has shown her talent in the past seasons. Despite her young age, Koops already has a lot of experience in the sport. She is known to handle herself very well in the peloton, being a skilled bike rider. Koops has proven to have the talent to make next steps in her cycling career in the upcoming years.

“As I have been an announcer in Dutch cycling races for quite some time in the past, I know Karlijn already from a very young age, when she was racing as a youth cyclist, both on the road and in cyclocross”, AK Sportpromotions owner Aschwin Kruders says. “I have always kept an eye on Karlijn after that and have seen her grow further, also because of her willpower to improve. That really appeals to me and that’s why I am very happy to welcome her at AK Sportpromotions now as well.”

You can follow Karlijn on Instagram.

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